Safety Policy Statement

The Authorized Advanced General Contractors policy is to manage all operations in a manner that offers maximum protection to every employee, customer, contractor, the public, and the environment. AAGC is totally committed to safety and loss control and it is our intention that each employee shall work under the safest conditions possible.  We will maintain safe facilities, workplace and equipment that are free from recognized hazards.


This Accident Prevention Plan and Safety Manual with revisions was designed with your safety in mind; however, its success relies on the responsibility of each employee to be safety conscious.

Our goal in safety is to prevent all accidents and injuries.

Many accidents occur when employees take short cuts and ignore established safety rules and regulations.  Most, if not all, accidents can be avoided by using common sense and personal initiative.

AAGC is committed to complying with all safety regulations implemented by federal, state, and local agencies.

The information contained in this Safety Manual sets forth safety rules and procedures that are to be followed by all employees.  While this manual will help you recognize and avoid obvious hazards, it cannot cover all situations.  When in doubt you

should consult with your supervisor for guidance.


Each employee/contractor shall be responsible for his/her performance and adherence to our safety rules.  Failure to do

so can lead to disciplinary action or dismissal.  I have assumed the overall responsibility to insure implementation and management of the AAGC Construction Safety Program.


We urge you to come forward with new ideas that will help make AAGC projects a safe place to work and remember that safety is

an integral part of quality and should never be sacrificed for production.

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